As a trustful ecosystem Vorna connects online services with potential and existing customers and distributors enabling clear and unique identification of legal entities engaging in business transactions. 

As an online service provider, you implement the modular service in line with your requirements – from simple login and identification procedures to self-service business partner user administration. You benefit from simpler and continuous online processes. 

You also save money thanks to lower service development and administration expenses.

Service Components

Verified Partner


Increased conversion rate thanks to verified Legal Entity Identity (LEI) data. 

Reliable corporate data significantly streamlines the registration of your Business Partners. 

Rights Management


Lower the cost of Business Partner user management by enabling self-service for your digital services.

The use of Service Contracts enables controlled use of digital services within your business ecosystem.

Partner Login


Using their federated organizational account for multi-factor authentication, your Business Partners can sign business transactions and access confidential information.

This empowerment builds trust, leading to more transactions.

Unlimited users. Flexible pricing for growth

Setup fee additionally. Pricing per application. Application is an registered OpenID Connect Relying party. VAT not included in pricing listed above.

Your Digital Key to Business Services.